TYPE: Public Board Meeting
DATE: 10/24/2017 TIME: 7:00 PM CODE: Regular (Public) Board Meeting
LOCATION: School Board Administration Office
1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Approval of the Agenda
2.1 Approval of Agenda Action
3.0 Singing of 'O Canada'
3.1 Acknowledgement of Local Indigenous Community Info
4.0 Consent Items
4.1 General Record of the In-Camera Meeting held October 3, 2017 Action
4.2 Minutes of the Public meeting held October 3, 2017 Action
4.3 Foundry Abbotsford - September newsletter Action
5.0 Delegations/Presentations/Acknowledgements
5.1 Mr. Wes Dyck, Abbotsford Resident - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity - 'SOGI' Info
5.2 Jennifer Brooks, President, Abbotsford District Teachers' Association (ADTA): King Traditional School - Staff Concerns Info
6.0 Report on Achievement/Results
A) Education
6.1 Student Presentation: Eugene Reimer Middle School – Character Crew
6.2 Submission to the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General re Cannabis Regulation in British Columbia
6.3 Implementing AP 339 – Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression
B) Operations
6.4 Long Term Facilities Plan (LTFP)
6.5 Fraser Valley Cultural Diversity Awards Sponsorship - 2017
6.6 Updated Board Meeting Schedule
6.7 Enrolment Report
7.0 Question Period
A) Question Period-max 10 min (Questions relating to agenda items may be asked)
8.0 Committee Reports
A) Audit Committee
B) Education Committee
8.1 Minutes of the Education Committee Meeting held May 9, 2017
C) Finance & Facilities Committee
8.2 Minutes of the Finance & Facilities Committee Meeting held April 25, 2017
D) Policy Committee
9.0 Reports by Representatives on External Organizations
9.1 BC School Trustees' Association - Provincial Council: October 27/28, 2017 Info
9.2 BC School Trustees' Association - Aboriginal Education: Request for Response Info
10.0 New Business
11.0 Trustee Announcements
12.0 Question Period
A) Question Period-max 10 min (Questions relating to agenda items may be asked)
13.0 Adjournment